Lemons Cottage

Holiday Cottage Bonds

I'm now opening it up again for the next phase of the project, which is the house build. We have outline planning permission to build two semi detached houses. I need the funds to move forward with the surveys / architects fees.

For more information on the cottage, the business today I've attached a report.

I can't remember if I'd offered this to you back in 2017 in Year 1. I raise funds for the renovation of the cottage with Bond / Loans to the company, totalling £20k. It was a great way to get people involved and a win / win for both parties. Richard & Julia put in £5k.  



  • All bookings will be subject to availability

  • The minimum loan period is 90 days, with no exit penalty

  • The max loan period is 12 months, at which point you can either have your loan repaid in full plus interest or a new 2020 offer will be made, similar to this one.

  • Agreement to be signed by both parties

  • Transferable - Your friends / family can use the booking